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We have a rotating selection of used and rebuilt cappers, filler, and other equipment for the bottling industry.

A few things we currently have available include:

Rebuilt Crown Uniblend 45-12 PET Filler, with or without Alcoa capper.

Crown Cemco 100 Valve Beer Can Filler, perfect for craft beer production.

Simonazzi 60 valve filler with a Zalkin 15 head capper, perfect for a water line.


8 Head Arol Capper

221-12 B model Alcoa, L to R machine

221-12 Y model Alcoa

218-12 A model Alcoa

10 head free standing Alcoa 7210-360


UB 45/6

UB 60/12

UB 40 can filler

UB 72/15

Sasib 60/15 skilljet

Meyer 50/10 TPD with crowner

UB 60/15 with crowner

Meyer 50/10 set for 25 gravity drop

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